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Hong Kong-based Peeba is an online B2B wholesale platform for the APAC market. Think of Amazon, but the sellers are all brands, mostly boutique or artisanal ones, and the buyers are all retailers/resellers looking to stock their shelves with trending goods you won’t find at the local 711.

Peeba had worked with a “big four” PR firm before but struggled to garner meaningful coverage. With a seed fundraising announcement coming up, Peeba decided to work with Eleven International to spread the word about its business model, and put the company on the map.


The Ask

With its seed fundraising round in the bag, Peeba was kicking into growth mode. Ultimately, the goal was to spread the word and cement Peeba’s credibility among the target users of its platform, and in particular retailers.

That’s because Peeba’s business model, despite falling into the category of wholesale platforms, offers a novel take that introduced a “Sell First, Pay Later” model. This Net-60 option offered retail businesses a way to trial new inventory, risk-free. However, when proposing this to retailers, the latter were often skeptical of the business model, as it seemed to be “too good to be true.”

So in effect, our job was to secure tier one press coverage, while also establishing a trustworthy reputation with strategic messaging, to support the company’s business development and partnership efforts.


Let’s be honest, B2B PR is usually not too glitzy. So we had to come up with a strategic messaging direction that would help Peeba communicate its value to top tier media, and their readers, in an eye-catching way. Zeroing in on Peeba’s unique command of the APAC market, and its appealing Net-60 terms, we highlighted how the platform had thrown APAC retailers a lifeline during the pandemic.

COVID-19 was a disaster for most store owners, who had to think creatively to keep revenue coming in when the foot traffic disappeared. With its ‘Sell First, Pay Later’ approach, Peeba helped retailers try out new products and strategies with zero risk, just when they needed the help most. The angle resonated with retail-focused and tech reporters alike, as digital tools came ever more into focus during the pandemic.


By combining the platform launch, seed fundraising, and an indirect human interest angle, we secured Peeba tier one coverage in its target media. TechCrunch, Tech in Asia, International Business Times, Technode, Retail in Asia, DealStreetAsia, PYMNTS and more covered the fundraising announcement. To keep up the momentum, we also secured follow up coverage with Forbes and The CorporateTreasurer, and an interview on CNA.

And as supply chains experienced ongoing turmoil even as the pandemic itself came to an end, we secured Peeba thought leadership quotes in Reuters, SCMP, Nikkei Asia, and more, based on their cross-border expertise.


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