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Realsee develop, manufacture and market next generation digital space solutions that create sleek virtual tours, detailed and accurate floor plans, and more. As a relatively new player in a niche segment, Realsee enlisted Eleven International to help boost brand recognition and awareness.



Using the latest 360° and 3D immersive photographic technology, real-estate agents, hoteliers, large retailers, and construction companies now can create an immersive 3D model of any space. Realsee products like the Realsee App and flagship Galois Laser VR Scanner are at the forefront of this new and emerging market. However, this market has typically been dominated by a handful of brands that serve a small, but growing customer base. As a relative newcomer to this space, Realsee remained largely unknown in the market with little brand recognition, a situation that prompted the company to enlist Eleven International to elevate the brand’s stature, and boost brand awareness.


To boost awareness with key specific audiences around the world we developed a strategy involving the enrollment of online key opinion leaders within the niche 360° photography segment. Finding influencers with significant reach within this narrow segment proved to be a challenge, however, after some extensive research we selected three leading voices in the world of 360° and 3D immersive photography with relevant online audiences. We then approached each influencer to give them the opportunity to get hands on with the Galois Laser 3D Scanner and Realsee app. Working within a limited budget, these collaborations were pitched as an exciting opportunity to share and explore a new product from a new brand with their respective audiences.


With a YouTube audience of 125,000 subscribers, Hugh Hou is one of the more prominent creators in the 360VR production segment. Our collaboration resulted in a video review of the Realsee Galois 3D LiDAR Camera, using it to create AI Virtual Tours while positioning the product as a strong alternative to existing products from competing, well established brands. After just a few weeks Hugh’s video had reached 19,000 views on his YouTube channel, accruing 112 mostly positive comments from his audience of VR photography enthusiasts.

Danny Black treated his YouTube subscribers to a showcase video centered on the Realsee app. Danny demonstrated the ease with which he could use the app to create 3D home tours, with his video reaching a viewership of more than 15k viewers. We also collaborated with studio USA’s CEO Rick Davis who created a short and simple demonstration video on Facebook video that has now been watched more than 4,000 times.

All three videos have been leveraged on Realsee social media, and added to the Realsee website as validatory content that reassures visitors and potential customers of the brand’s respected status within this niche segment.


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