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Since the US launch of XREAL Air, it became increasingly clear that gamers were the primary customer base for this lightweight headset that’s heavy on the visuals. Think of it as a portable cinema screen you can plug into all your favorite devices, while on the go. So we had to find ways to communicate with, even inspire XREAL’s gamer fan base, to prove they need this device in their set up.


The Ask
The goal for XREAL was sales. This is a ready-for-market device any vaguely tech-aware person can operate. No need to get technical, or focus on developers, or build brand awareness. This was a consumer-oriented launch campaign with a clear goal to drive sales and ROI. While connecting with the gaming community wasn’t a stated objective at the outset, it soon became clear that highlighting gaming use cases was a sure fire strategy to drive those all important sales.

Before the US product launch campaign kicked off, we ran an online survey to double check our assumptions. We discovered that brand awareness was already high among early adopters, which makes sense as XREAL’s AR glasses were an early-to-market device on launch day. We also noted that enthusiasm for the device category was high among TV binge watchers and gamers. The survey even highlighted which US states had the highest interest in AR, and the highest willingness to spend.

Armed with the intel from the survey, we could then target the relevant audiences within the US market. For example, our media buy and messaging targeted gamers, calling on them to upgrade their gameplay experiences with AR. We also collaborated with online influencers that have gamer-heavy audiences. We gave them free license to get creative, as long as their content showed just how capable XREAL Air glasses are as a gaming companion device.

And in the run-up to the year-end festive season, we kept up the momentum with gift guide coverage and sponsored content, to convince parents and significant others what to buy the gamers in their lives.

On our main objective, sales, we achieved 130% of the KPI, with a highly satisfying ROI for our client XREAL.

And while our chosen marketplace, Amazon, doesn’t give us the breakdown of who may or may not be using the device for gameplay, the reaction from the gaming vertical media indicates the ferocity of the XREAL Air fervor among gamers. Check out some of the coverage at: VentureBeat, GBA Temp, POLYGON, PCgamer, IGN, Game-news24, and GamePolar, as well as dozens of other top-tier tech and business media.

XREAL had beaten all of the major tech giants to market with an AR device that is actually affordable, highly wearable, and universally practical. Or you could say, XREAL told Apple, “Game On.”


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