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Singapore-based Cobo is a repeat client of ours. We helped the company make its first foray into the world of global media relations just after its Series A. Later, we collaborated again for the company’s Series B announcement. For this case study we’ll zero in on our latest work together.


The Ask

Beem had reached out to the team at Eleven International with a singular problem. The company had been known for white labeling its AR technology to brands, positioning the company as a development shop – not a tech startup. But Beem had a new product up its sleeve: a consumer-facing AR messaging application. Despite the fact the app was still just in beta, Beem was ready to announce, in a bid to support its ongoing fundraising efforts. 

In addition, announcing the product would be an opportunity to reorient Beem’s reputation as a consumer technology startup, pivoting from being seen as an AR development firm.


To reposition Beem according to its new strategy, we leveraged a PR campaign and revamped the firm’s social media strategy. Our goal was to establish Beem’s authority in the AR industry, while also educating audiences about the value of Beem’s innovative messaging application. 

We also aimed to establish a reputation for the company by spotlighting internal talent, through a thought leadership strategy that would build authority among Beem’s growing LinkedIn audience. For the PR blast in particular, we combined Beem’s prior seed fundraising with the product launch announcement, to beam the firm into the mainstream consciousness, that is, among tech publications and AR-vertical media.


Under Eleven International’s guidance, Beem’s LinkedIn saw its engagement rate nearly double, alongside a steady uptick in follower count. On the PR side, the combined fundraising and product announcement caught the attention of Forbes, TechCrunch, and Business Insider, as well as influential vertical media Auganix and AR Insider, among others, putting Beem firmly on the global AR map. From there, we then kept the coverage (and attention) rolling, for example leveraging an app update and new feature to seed an exclusive with Android Central. 


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