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Midea is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics brands, with a growing family of sub-brands covering almost all areas of our daily lives. Midea recently turned to Eleven International to help seed product reviews for its Toshiba and Comfee brand home appliances.


The Ask

Chinese brand Midea wanted to build the profile of its Toshiba and Comfee brands in the U.S. market through product reviews and inclusion in gift guides. As a cross-border communications agency, Eleven International was ideally placed to aid Midea in this goal. Our consistency in securing such reviews and coverage in tier one media meant we had the relationships and experience to deliver both quantity and quality coverage for Midea.


From our past work with all kinds of consumer tech brands, we not only had existing relationships to draw on, but we also knew exactly what makes product reviewers tick. We knew that the smart devices on Toshiba’s and Comfee’s respective rosters would open the door (or inbox) of our target media, then allowing us the chance to highlight the advantages of the brands’ other products as well. 

We also knew that product reviewers in the US wear many hats. While they might be reviewing microwaves for one publication today, that doesn’t prevent them from writing an in-depth piece on an air purifier for another publication another day, for example. So we created multi-collab win-wins for Midea and lifestyle reviewers alike, with expert efficiency.


We delivered a steady drumbeat of in-depth product reviews and gift guide coverage in the U.S.  for Toshiba’s and Comfee’s home appliances. For Toshiba, big hits included Good Housekeeping (winning #1 best overall countertop microwave), USA Today, Forbes, New York Post, Tom’s Guide, the Daily Mail, CNN, Screen Rant, ZDNet, and the Gadgeteer. For Comfee’s relatively smaller lineup (for this campaign), we secured coverage in Mashable, Rolling Stone, T3, Spy and 9to5Toys. 

Hits in major publications such as these help to drive prospective customers along the marketing funnel toward purchase. While in the consideration phase, hearing about discounts and deals in gift guides might be the final push needed to close the deal. Or if a customer is considering between two options, an in-depth product review helps settle any concerns. While we can’t share the numbers, this type of coverage really does make all the difference!


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