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TECNO made a global impact with the launch of its cutting-edge CAMON 20 series. This innovative smartphone series revolutionized photography, offering professional-grade anti-shake fashion portrait shooting functions. Beyond technology, TECNO aimed to convey a powerful, unique fashion story on the global stage.



The objective of TECNO's marketing campaign for the CAMON 20 series was multi-faceted. At the product level, the campaign aimed to attract significant media attention during the global launch of the CAMON 20 series and strengthen relationships with the media. This focus was driven by the desire to showcase the professional-grade anti-shake fashion portrait shooting capabilities of the CAMON 20, emphasizing its ability to capture clearer details and emotional expressions. At the brand level, the campaign sought to elevate the TECNO brand through an emotional proposition, gradually building a humanistic and caring brand image overseas.


To achieve these goals, TECNO collaborated with Eleven International and partnered with renowned fashion media VOGUE US, marking the first-ever collaboration between the two. The campaign involved going behind the scenes at London Fashion Week to co-create a mini-documentary video called #Style in Motion.


The results were impressive, with 74 global coverages, including 15 in mainstream fashion media in Europe and America, and PR impressions exceeding 59 million. This extensive coverage across fashion, technology, and lifestyle fields provided comprehensive, positive reports that highlighted key aspects of the campaign, including the project background, brand partnership, and video screening, ultimately enhancing TECNO's brand influence in the global high-end market. Key media outlets like Grazia Magazine, L'Officiel, LA Entertainment Weekly, VoyageNY, FashionWeekDaily, HuffMag, Cultr, and others played a crucial role in the campaign's success.


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