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Building & Shaping Brand Voice in Crypto through Thought Leadership

Cryptocurrency appearing as a headline in a newspaper

Why it's important

The crypto ecosystem is vast, with a multitude of companies, projects, and developers, each operating within their specific niche. Opinions vary widely on how the ecosystem should be constructed, the level of regulation required, what constitutes the next disruptive technology, and who should lead the charge in driving adoption.

Thought leadership becomes the critical vehicle for conveying how our clients adapt to the rapidly changing landscape. It allows them to lead the conversation and share their insights, building a valuable share of voice within the industry. This is especially true when product development is moving slow and occurring behind the scenes.

When there are no imminent product launches or announcements, sharing market and industry insights becomes a way to maintain a drumbeat flow of content. Over time, this content helps shape a brand's voice and keeps it relevant and influential.

How thought leadership is built

Tie into breaking news – not every moving piece in the industry directly interacts with a brand's business. But at the operation frontlines, our clients are often the first to have insights into trends and news developments, perhaps even long before the news first breaks. We reach out to media and journalists of interest at the critical time to offer them insights, or contrarian points of view for their story.

Connecting media with the right expert – be it price analysis, regulatory compliance or the next technology breakthrough, we connect journalists with our network of compliance officers, market analysts, CTOs, CEOs and COOs who are in-the-know, weaving their knowledge into trend pieces or analysis.

Opinion articles – apart from building media rapport, an opinion piece dives deeper into a topic that might decode industry developments and the complex implications and reverberations. We help our clients translate their unique experiences and knowledge into actionable suggestions that help readers (potential users) navigate the maze of crypto landscape.

Here are a few example topic categories reporters are often looking for sources to comment on:

Market Trends and Insights: Dish out insights into the latest market trends, from rollercoaster price rides, adoption rates and the impact of macroeconomic factors. How retail traders should navigate the high and lows, and more.

Regulatory Updates: Decode the ever-evolving global regulatory landscape. Explain how new rules might affect the industry and suggest ways to navigate the maze of compliance requirements.

Use Cases and Real-World Applications: Taking a step back from tokenomics and waxing poetic about blockchain technology. Unveil how new tech is solving real-world problems, such as the opportunities and challenges around Account Abstraction technology adoption.

Security and Privacy: Safeguarding digital assets is a top priority not only for companies who develop these products, but also for crypto investors. Sharing insights into security breaches and solutions is another way to add value for reporters.

Thought leadership is built on the foundation of providing value, sharing informative content, market insights, and trend forecasts. By serving up insights and analysis that leave your audience wiser, a brand will be perceived as the oracle of trustworthy information, strengthening your share of voice. Readers are more likely to make informed decisions, take part in the crypto world and ultimately drive adoption.

A Success Story, featuring SynFutures:

SynFutures logo and background

As part of our ongoing collaboration, we leverage SynFutures’ unique capabilities to establish them as a credible information source for reporters and audiences alike, and so to amplify their online presence and media coverage.

Recognizing SynFutures' aptitude for in-depth technical pricing analysis, we repurpose their existing weekly newsletter content into insightful crypto market commentary for the media. We began sharing SynFutures’ market insights and analysis with reporters who track crypto price and market movements, particularly during moments of breaking news in the crypto sphere. Our team adopted a weekly cadence for this approach, ensuring a consistent and timely flow of information.

The result has been remarkable. SynFutures quickly gained recognition as a trusted source of detailed and opinionated analysis. Their active engagement with reporters helped build a valuable network, establishing productive relationships that contribute to the efficiency of reporters churning out their market updates. Over time, we built momentum that cemented SynFutures as a credible and even sought-out source for increasingly prominent publications.

With this foundation set, within just one week in October their insights were able to reach the audiences at Benzinga, CoinDesk, IBTimes and Kitco, all tier 1 media with over 1 million unique monthly readers.

For each client, our approach is custom-tailored, acknowledging their distinctive qualities and finding the strategy that works best for them. The SynFutures success story highlights the importance of harnessing a client's expertise and leveraging it to establish a strong presence.

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